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AUSTRALIA is changing, and as a region, we need to change with it, finding new ways to create our social glue.

Insightful demographer Simon Kuestenmacher recently highlighted a profound shift: religion no longer serves as the primary social glue in our communities.

Research shows that only 47.8% of the Fraser Coast identifies as Christian, while 41.3% have no religious affiliation at all.

This raises a critical question: how do we pull our community together?

The answer lies in a common denominator that now binds Australians: sport.

From the Matildas’ inspiring performances to the fervour of the State of Origin. Sports have a unique ability to unite us.

Therefore, if we are to invest in infrastructure, sports facilities and events should be at the forefront.

Sports not only serve as the fabric of Australian communities but also play a crucial role in keeping our youth engaged, improving health and fitness, and fostering a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, our sports infrastructure has been underfunded and overlooked for too long.

By developing better sports facilities capable of hosting state-level competitions, we can attract more events. Boost local pride, and provide our youth with opportunities to excel.

Investing in sports is not just about building fields and stadiums; it’s about creating a vibrant, healthy, and united Fraser Coast.

It’s time we prioritise sports infrastructure and recognise it as the essential glue that can hold our community together in these changing times.

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Published in the Advertiser on the 26th June 2024