Fraser Coast Property Industry Association


Welcome to the Fraser Coast Property Industry Association (FCPIA) Our Members are proud to announce the launch of this Industry Only 100% Fraser Coast Local Property Group. Join the FCPIA today… SIMON KUESTENMACHER A bold vision for Hervey Bay: LUNCH, PRESENTATION AND Q&A Following up on his sold-out presentation last year, Simon Kuestenmacher is looking […]

30/11/2023 – Fraser Coast is in the Shadows!

WHEN is the Fraser Coast going to get out of the shadows of the Wide Bay and really form its own identity as a region, like the Sunshine Coast? The Wide Bay as an entity disadvantages the Fraser Coast. We are always treated as the poor cousins when it comes to funding from government departments, […]

02/11/2023 Should Politicians focus on infrastructure?

AFTER a failed “Voice” campaign incurring over $450Mil in costs and months of distraction from the key issues affecting the majority of the population, you must ask what our politicians’ priorities are.You would think infrastructure and the cost of living and housing should be up there as key priorities.In Queensland, we have State and Council […]