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AS THE Fraser Coast Regional Council gears up to unveil its town planning scheme in 2025, a pivotal opportunity looms on the horizon—an opportunity to embrace the transformative wave of artificial intelligence (AI) that is set to redefine our future. With the plan poised to chart the region’s course over the next two decades, the absence of a strategy to integrate AI into the fabric of our community could be a glaring oversight.

AI’s impact on society extends far beyond the realms of employment and electric and autonomous vehicles; it promises to revolutionise the very essence of community needs and public infrastructure. The traditional paradigms of city planning and living are on the brink of obsolescence. In less than a decade, the failure to adapt to these changes could render our current models irrelevant.

Consider the potential of AI

to streamline traffic management, making our roads safer and more efficient for autonomous vehicles. Imagine smart buildings that not only reduce energy consumption but also adapt to the changing needs of their inhabitants. Reflect on the power of AI to enhance public services, from predictive healthcare to personalised education, thereby elevating the quality of life for all residents.

Moreover, the housing market is on the cusp of a revolution. The future demands flexible living spaces that can accommodate home offices, virtual reality entertainment areas, and more. Reflecting the shifting priorities of a digitally native population.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council stands at a crossroads. By integrating AI into the new town planning scheme, it can lead the region into a future where technology and humanity converge to create a more sustainable, efficient, and inclusive community. The time to act is now; the future waits for no one. Let’s not just plan for the next 20 years; let’s envision a future that embraces the full potential of AI, ensuring the Fraser Coast remains at the forefront of innovation and progress.

Published in the Hervey Bay Advertiser 4 April 2024

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