Fraser Coast Property Industry Association

IN HERVEY Bay, the presence of internet trolls on social media platforms like Facebook, who vocally criticise every development, poses a significant challenge.

These individuals, who can be likened to the Muppets’ characters Waldorf and Statler, are not only vocal but their actions have real consequences.

Their negative and misleading commentary can adversely affect property prices and the perception of developers, creating hesitancy among potential investors. This results in long-term impacts on property valuations and impedes the city’s growth and development. Ironically, many of these trolls benefit from the very developments they oppose, living in local subdivisions and utilizing shopping centres, medical facilities, and other amenities, all made available through developers.

Their stance is comparable to conspiracy theorists who criticise technology while using it themselves.

Notably, a few of the more prolific attackers leading this charge are some older men who have been retired for many, many years and are obviously not worried about securing any opportunities for the youth of the area. The adage “Money is like water; it finds the path of least resistance” aptly describes the situation. If development in Hervey Bay becomes too burdensome due to opposition, investors will simply move their funds to more welcoming cities, helping them to prosper and leaving Hervey Bay lagging behind. The solution lies in the hands of the silent majority. It’s time for them to speak up against this negativity and advocate for a prosperous future for Hervey Bay, ensuring job opportunities and activities that retain the younger generation. Politicians, too, must focus on the greater good rather than being swayed by a vocal minority. In this election year, it’s crucial to support candidates who promote positivity and growth for the future of Hervey Bay.